Request for Proposals for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022, With the Option For 2 Additional Consecutive Years for Workforce Audit Services Provider

2745 North Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr

Suite LL 1

Milwaukee, WI 53212

Request for Proposals

For the Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022, With the Option For 2 Additional Consecutive Years

For Workforce Audit Services Provider

Proposals Due:

March 11, 2022

Midwest Urban Strategies

2745 North Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Suite LL1

Milwaukee, WI 53212

RFP Release Date:

February 2, 2022

Midwest Urban Strategies (MUS, Inc.) is an equal opportunity employer.

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to persons with disabilities.

Any agreement resulting from this RFP will be funded through grants provided by the US Department of Labor (US DOL).  Any organization awarded a contractual agreement resulting from this RFP must comply with all applicable regulations and the terms and conditions of the grant provided by US DOL.


This section provides general and background information needed to understand the regulatory and programmatic context of this RFP. This section also describes important details regarding the services and stakeholders related to this RFP, as well as characteristics of any agreements that may result from this RFP.

About Midwest Urban Strategies

MIDWEST URBAN STRATEGIES (MUS) is an intermediary of urban workforce development boards (WDB) serving their local communities to connect the workforce ecosystem. This system includes employers, job seekers, training providers, and community partners all working together to better prepare job seekers and support employers in the attraction and retention of talent. By combining innovative and traditional workforce development practices with economic development strategies, these WDBs are driving change in their local economies. Through MUS’s organizing, these WDBs share and apply best practices in workforce development, integrating efforts and resources to fully maximize federal, state, and local funds that support a competitive regional workforce system aimed at revitalizing the Midwest economy.

The goal of MUS is to take the micro-successes and strengths of each WDB and replicate them on a regional scale. Through intentional industry engagement that connects employers to well-prepared workers, MUS improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce system (both regionally and locally) thereby bolstering the Midwest’s place within the national economy.

The consortium emerged in 2014 in response to a shift in policy at the Department of Labor and out of a shared set of challenges that impacted urban communities.  From the Ferguson (MO) uprisings to the Detroit rebirth, the Midwest’s urban communities were facing an inflection point.  At the center of that point was the disjointed labor market and the need to connect people to family sustaining jobs and (as the national economy continued its rebound) employers to qualified job seekers.  

Between 2015 and 2021 MIDWEST URBAN STRATEGIES applied for and secured more than $24M in federal grants to coordinate regional economic development, design and deliver career-track training, and engage local employers in a regional growth strategy.  Its collective impact model ensured that more investment was made in employer-led models focused on regional growth driven from coordinated planning and administration that is centralized and vetted by a “backbone organization”.

Purpose of this RFP

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit competitive proposals on behalf of Midwest Urban Strategies (MUS) to retain one (1) Audit Service Provider to provide financial and compliance audits of MUS and/or their respective sub-contractors for Fiscal year 2022(July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022) and for two subsequent years to include Fiscal Years 2023 and 2024.

The Midwest Urban Strategies consortium represents a coordinated effort on behalf of urban WDBs in the Midwest to bolster regional planning through systematic approaches in attracting and retaining businesses and talent. Together, these partners share and apply best practices in workforce development and integrate efforts and resources to fully maximize federal, state and local funds and initiatives to build a competitive regional workforce system aimed at revitalizing the Midwest economy. MUS seeks to procure the expertise of an Audit Service Provider with the skill set required to include financial and compliance audits based on 2 CFR 200 Subpart F (Uniform Guidance Subpart F – Audits).

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants include Certified Public Accounting Firms with the knowledge and expertise applicable to performing single Audits under 2 CFR 200. Applicants must be an incorporated organization. Eligible applicants must be in good standing with the federal government, not debarred, and have proof of insurance and a DUNS number. Organizations currently barred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from participation in this transaction by a Federal, State, City or County department/agency, quasi-governmental agency, or Midwest Urban Strategies are ineligible to apply. See Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards at 2 CFR 200.

Applicant Competency – All applicants must have the technical competence, knowledge and expertise, management and administrative capabilities and capacity, professional staff, financial resources and stability, and administrative and fiscal systems to carry-out the work described in this RFP.

Qualifications must include, but are not limited to:

- Significant and long-term experience and capacity providing non-profit audit services.

Midwest Urban Strategies requires assurance that the selected applicant’s performance of the terms and conditions of any agreement resulting from this RFP be undertaken in accordance with the highest level of integrity and business ethics. Applicants are responsible for being knowledgeable of all laws, regulations, rules, and policies of the funding sources identified in this RFP. If Midwest Urban Strategies determines, at its sole discretion, that the selected applicant is not responsible, that it does not possess the administrative, fiscal, and/or technical resources and capabilities necessary to successfully perform under the terms and conditions of an agreement, it shall terminate the agreement immediately.

Service Dates

The selected applicant will begin delivering the full range of services as described below at a mutually agreed upon date.  

Statement of Work

All proposals must be concise, well-organized, and demonstrate how your proposed services, approach and methodology, qualifications, experience, and terms meet or exceed Midwest Urban Strategies’ requirements.

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit competitive proposals on behalf of Midwest Urban Strategies (MUS) to retain one (1) Audit Service Provider to provide financial and compliance audits of MUS and/or their respective sub-contractors for Fiscal year 2021(July 1 2021- June 30 2022) and for two subsequent years to include Fiscal Years 2023 and 2024

Audit services will be based on 2 CFR 200 Subpart F (Uniform Guidance Subpart F – Audits). Services will also be based on Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS), State Single Audit Guidelines issued by the Wisconsin Department of Administration (SSAG dated 2010), the Department of Labor’s adoption of Uniform Guidance 2 CFR 2900, the Department of Health and Human Services’ adoption of Uniform Guidance 45 CFR Part 75, and the objectives and requirements stated below:

The objectives of the audit are to determine whether:

1. The administrative entity is appropriately administering funds.

2. The systems contain adequate internal controls, including adequate safeguards for the protection of funds received and other assets.

3. Reports are prepared accurately and timely, and fairly present the operation and financial position of the entity.

4. The systems, processes, plans, and contracts are in compliance with Federal Legislation and other federal regulations, and instructions from state and federal funding agencies.

5. The participants served by the program(s) are eligible.

6. The grantee participants are all entered into required eligibility reporting systems.

The Contractor is required to complete the audit and the reports in accordance with the MUS determined delivery schedule.

The Contractor may schedule a briefing session with participating MUS Staff prior to beginning the field work.


MUS has contracted services with A&O, LLP, CPA’s of Kenosha, WI. A&O is a contracted to supply monthly assistance in completing the allocation of MUS’s Shared Direct and Indirect costs, related Journal Entries, Adjusting Journal Entries, as well as supply general consulting on various financial areas. In addition, A&O assists with completion and submission of MUS’s Indirect Cost Plan, Fiscal Policies and Procedures, EO, and Sub monitoring for the Sub awardees.

MUS has three in-house staff that serve in Fiscal capacities, allowing for adequate segregation.

Preparing And Submitting A Proposal

Interested and qualified applicants must submit proposals by March 11, 2022 at 5:00 pm CST to  Emails must have the subject line “Midwest Urban Strategies Audit Service Delivery Proposal [Organization name].” Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered. Proposals must be submitted in 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1-inch page margins. Your proposal may not be considered if page limitations and formatting requirements are not met. Your proposal must contain all the content below in the same general order illustrated. Strong proposals will demonstrate a full understanding of the requirements described throughout this RFP and establish the capacity, expertise and program design needed to meet the required standards and goals:

General Instructions

The evaluation and selection of a contractor and the contract will be based on the information submitted in the Contractor's proposal plus references and any requested on-site visits or oral presentations. Failure to respond to each of the requirements in the RFP may be the basis for rejecting a response.

Elaborate proposals (e.g. expensive artwork) beyond that sufficient to present a complete and effective proposal, are not necessary or desired.

2.2 Incurring Costs

MUS is not liable for any cost incurred by proposers in replying to this RFP.

2.3 Submitting the Proposal

Proposals must be submitted via email (.pdf format is preferred; either attached or hosted on the web (e.g., drop box; google drive; etc.)) to no later than the date March 11, 2022 at 5pm CST. Please use the subject line: “Midwest Urban Strategies Audit Service Delivery Proposal [Organization name].” Late proposals will not be considered for this RFP.

2.4 Proposal Organization and Format

Proposals should be typed and submitted on 8.5 by 11-inch paper.  Proposals should be organized and presented in the correct order. Each section should be clearly marked. The RFP sections which should be submitted or responded to are listed in section 3.3.

2.4.1 Request for Proposal Cover Letter - Tab #1

Include here any cover letter included with the proposal, and the Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information. Proposals submitted in response to this RFP must be signed by the person in the contractor's organization who is responsible for the decision as to the services being offered in the Proposal or by a person who has been authorized in writing to act as agent for the person responsible for the decision as to the services being offered.

By submitting a signed proposal, the contractor's signatories certify that in connection with this procurement:

(1) the contractor's organization or an agent of the contractor's organization will arrive at the prices offered in relation to its proposal without consultation, communication, or agreement with any other respondent or with any competitor for the purpose of restricting competition,

(2) the prices, beyond basic fee schedules, to be quoted in relation to the proposal will not have been knowingly disclosed by the contractor's organization or by any agent of the contractor's organization and will not be knowingly disclosed by same, directly, or indirectly, to any other respondent or to any competitor, and

(3) No attempt has or will be made by the contractor's organization or by any agent of the contractor's organization to induce any other person or firm to submit or not to submit a proposal for the purpose of restricting competition.

2.4.2 Contractor Data Sheet/Reference Data Sheet - Tab #2

Include here the Contractor Data Sheet and the Reference Data Sheet that have been included in this RFP. Contractors should submit additional Reference Data Sheet forms if necessary.  Include Basic fee structure in Tab #2.

2.4.3 Contractor Status - Tab #3

MUS reserves the right to reject any proposal from a firm or an individual who is under investigation for improper business practices related to the completion of audit services. Contractor must indicate if they are under investigation or have been prosecuted by any local, state, or federal agency or authority.

The contractor must also indicate if in the past five years it has:

1. Had its license to practice suspended or revoked by the State (if it has, include a complete explanation of the circumstance (from incident/occurrence to resolution) with the proposal).

2. Received any reprimands for substandard work (explain if appropriate).

3. Been liable in a court of law for inadequate or improper audit practices (explain if appropriate).

2.4.4 Response to Technical Specification - Tab #4

Provide complete response to Technical Specifications and Proposal Specifications in Section 3.3 (A - F).

2.4.5 Attachments - Tab #5

Include the following documents in this section:

Most recent Peer Reviews

2.5 Multiple Proposals

Multiple proposals from a Contractor will be permissible; however, each proposal must conform fully to the requirements for proposal submission. Each such proposal must be separately submitted and labeled as Proposal #1, Proposal #2, on each page included in the response. Alternate acquisition plans do not constitute multiple proposals.

Proposal Selection And Award Process

3.1 Proposal Opening

Proposals will be accepted and opened at the offices of the MUS March 11, 2022, in Milwaukee, WI.

3.2 Preliminary Evaluation

The proposals will first be reviewed to determine if mandatory requirements are met. Failure to meet mandatory requirements will result in the proposal being rejected. In the event that all Contractors do not meet one or more of the mandatory requirements, the Agency reserves the right to continue the evaluation of the proposals and to select the proposal which most closely meets the requirements specified in this RFP.

3.3 Proposal Scoring

Accepted proposals will be reviewed by an evaluation committee and scored against the stated criteria. The committee may review references, request oral presentations, and conduct an on-site visit and use the results in scoring the proposals.

Each proposal will be independently evaluated on factors A through F listed below by at least three qualified individuals. This evaluation will be done on technical skills and merits as presented in the proposal.  Only basic fee structure data will be considered for this evaluation. Individual MUS staff will be able to negotiate with any Contractor on the Contractor list. The individual MUS staff is responsible for negotiating the cost of the audit.

Scoring for the required sections of the proposal will be assigned as follows:

Proposal Review Scoring Rubric

1. Executive Summary Required, but not scored

2. Organization Description 20 points

3. Service Description 50 points

4. Cost 30 points

5 & 6. References & Other Information May support scores of related proposal sections

Total points available 100 points

The selected applicant will be invited to negotiate a contract for services based on the project described in the proposal and stipulations of the funding source.

3.4 Right to Reject Proposals and Negotiate Contract Terms

MUS reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. If contract negotiations cannot be concluded successfully by MUS with a qualified contractor, MUS may negotiate a contract with any other contractor they deem qualified through a separate RFP process.

3.5 Award and Final Offers

It is the intent of the combined MUS to establish a contractor list of qualified contractors. A qualified contractor is defined as any contractor which scores at least the minimum required 60 points. The decision to contract with a specific Contractor will be at the discretion of the individual MUS staff.

3.6 Notification of Intent to Award

All Contractors who respond to this RFP will be notified in writing of the intent to include them on the Contractors list of qualified contractors or not.

3.7 Appeals Process

This procurement process is not governed by Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 16. Thus, a formal appeal process is not applicable.  All decisions of the MUS evaluations team will be final.

3.8 Disclosure of Proposal Information

All information concerning the proposals and the evaluation process will become part of the public record at the time that the notice(s) of award is issued.

Any restrictions on the use of the data contained in a contractor's response to this RFP must be clearly stated and Form DOA-3027, Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information must be completed. Proprietary information submitted in response to this RFP will be handled in accordance with the Wisconsin Public Records Law.

3.9 Potential Conflict of Interest

A Potential Conflict of Interest Statement will be supplied to MUS at time of contract signing.  Contractor will certify that there is no relationship existing between the Provider and Purchaser that interferes with fair competition or is a conflict of interest, and no relationship exists between the Provider and another person or organization that constitutes a conflict of interest with respect to the contract being signed.  If there is a conflict of interest, the Provider must notify the Purchaser’s Contract Manager.  The Purchasers Contract manager can waive this provision in writing if the activities of the Provider will not be averse to the interests of the Purchaser.

Review Timeline (all dates are subject to change):

Release of RFP: February 2, 2022

Questions Regarding this RFP due: February 11, 2022


   Bid due date:

March 11, 2022 by 5:00 pm CST

Selection of providers: March 25, 2022


Contractor's services must meet all specifications listed below:

4.1 Notifications

The contractor agrees to notify MUS at least one month in advance of the time audit field work is scheduled to begin, and of the approximate duration of the audit. Coordination of the audit schedule to accommodate grantee staff should be done where necessary and practical.

The contractor agrees to notify all direct state and federal funding sources of funds being audited and coordinate any special needs.

The contractor agrees to notify MUS of the scheduled time of the exit conference, with as much lead time as possible, so that staff can plan to participate in the exit conference.

4.2 Draft Report

The contractor agrees to send no later than sixty (60) days after the exit conference, a Draft Audit Report to the Administrative Entity audited. The auditee has a thirty (30) day period to respond to the Draft Audit Report. The Contractor will finalize the audit including the responses and issue the final Audit Report in accordance with the specification in this RFP.

4.3 Audit Field

The contractor understands that the total dollar amounts of $6.5 million from July 2020 through December 2023 and may not equal actual expenditures; that the total allocated amount would also include any amounts subsequently subcontracted by the grantee and that the contractor is not required to perform a separate audit of the grantee's subcontractors.

4.4 Standard Terms & Conditions

The contractor agrees to abide by the Standard Terms and Conditions attached to this RFP (Attachment E).

4.5 Professional Standards

The contractor agrees to provide the services set forth in this RFP in accordance with the best professional standards.

4.6 Professional Assurances

The contractor agrees to provide assurance that at the time of contract award and during the duration of the contract, that it:

1. meets the appropriate state licensing requirements,

2. meets the applicable independence standard,

3. Complies with applicable requirements for peer review and continuing professional education.

4.7 Subcontracting or Assignment of Agreement

The contractor agrees to not subcontract or assign all or any part of the work under this RFP without prior written approval from the WDB.

4.8 Employment Conflict

The contractor agrees to not employ the services of any person or persons now employed by the State or WDB, including any department, commission or board thereof, without the written consent of the employer of such person or persons and of WDB.

4.9 Audit Team Composition

The contractor agrees that the audit staff listed in the RFP shall be bound to actually perform the audit. Changes in audit team composition at the Supervisor or Auditor-in-Charge level or above must be approved by WDB.

4.10 Legal Relations

The contractor agrees to the following provisions:

1. The contractor will always comply with and observe all federal and state laws, local laws, ordinances, and regulations which are in effect during the period of this Agreement and which in any manner affect the work or its conduct.

2. The contractor will indemnify and save harmless the WDBs and all of its officers, agents and employees from all suits, actions or claims of any character brought for or on account of any injuries or damages received by any persons or property resulting from the operations of the contractor, or of any of its contractors, in prosecuting work under this RFP.

3. That at the time the contract is entered into with the WDB, the Contractor will certify that no relationship exists between the Provider and the Purchaser that interferes with fair competition or is a conflict of interest (real or perceived), and that no relationship exists between the Provider and another person or organization that constitutes a conflict of interest with respect to this contract.  That if there is a conflict of interest the Provider will notify in writing the Purchasers Contract Manager.  The Purchasers Contract Manager can waive this provision in writing, if the activities of the Provider will not be averse to the interests of the Purchaser.

4.11 Additional Work

The contractor agrees that work beyond the normal scope of a Single Audit and as outlined in this RFP may be negotiated.

4.12 Assistance Offered

The contractor agrees that the WDB may assist by obtaining and preparing invoices, checks, and other records and other work as is usual and customary.


5.1 Termination of Agreement

MUS may terminate a contract at any time at its sole discretion by delivering 30 days written notice to the contractor. Upon termination, MUSs liability will be limited to the pro rata cost of the services performed as of the date of termination plus expenses incurred with the prior written approval of MUS. If the contractor terminates the contract, for any reason whatsoever, it will refund to MUS within 10 business days of said termination, all payments made by MUS to the contractor for work not completed or not accepted by MUS. Such termination will require written notice to that effect to be delivered by the contractor to MUS not less than 30 days prior to said termination.

5.2 Breach

The failure of a Contractor to comply with any of the provisions, covenants or conditions of this RFP shall be a material breach of an established Contract.  In such event MUS may, and in addition to any other remedies available at law, in equity, or otherwise specified in an established Contract based on this RFP:

1. Terminate a Contract immediately, pursuant to section 5.1 herein; and

2.  Afford the Contractor written notice of the breach and ten calendar days or such shorter time that may be specified in an established Contract within which to cure the breach; and,

3.  Discontinue payment to the Contractor for and during the period in which the Contractor is in breach,

4.  Offset against any monies billed by the Contractor but unpaid by MUS those monies disallowed pursuant to the above.

5.3 Ownership of Material

All material produced under this RFP shall remain the property of the MUS and will be held at the offices of in Milwaukee, WI.

5.4 Right to Publish

The contractor will be allowed to write and have such writing published provided the contractor has written approval from MUS before publishing writings on subjects associated with the work under this RFP.

5.5 Examination of Records

The contractor agrees that MUS, State Awarding Agencies, Federal Awarding Agencies, or their representatives will have access to and the right to examine, audit, excerpt and transcribe any directly pertinent books, documents, papers and records of the contractor, involving transactions relating to this RFP.  Neither the WDB nor examiners shall be charged a fee for access and examination of audit records. Such material will be retained for an appropriate amount of time (not less than three years) by the contractor following completion of services rendered under this RFP.

5.6 Continuance of Contract

Continuance of a contract beyond the limits of funds available shall be contingent upon appropriation of the necessary funds, and the termination of this contract by lack of appropriations shall be without penalty.

5.7 Unsuitable Records

If, after appropriate notification by the contractor, and the initial visit to the Administrative Entities' location, the contractor finds:

1. The Administrative Entities' representative was not available

2. Records and appropriate documentation were not maintained at the location indicated in the Agreement, or in a reasonable proximity, and consequently unavailable for audit

3. Records to be in such condition that it was not possible to conduct an audit (only a total absence of records will result in an unsuitable condition).

The contractor will then promptly report such conditions to MUS Authorized Representative in writing. In the case of the Administrative Entities' records being considered unsuitable, the contractor shall submit a letter report delineating the reason for such determination, a recommendation as to action required to place records in condition for audit, name(s) of auditor(s) making the visit to the auditee's location, and the date of such visit. This report shall be submitted to the MUS Authorized Representative within five (5) working days of such determination.

5.8 Additional Provisions

The following additional provisions are part of this contract:

1. The contractor will retain audit work papers for as long as appropriate (not less than three years after date of the audit report) and will send work papers via Registered mail, Certified mail, or electronic mail to MUS for review upon request.

2. The contractor agrees to participate in on-site reviews by MUS during the audit, if any.

3. The contractor agrees not to divulge any information resulting from the audit to outside sources, except as provided for under the Wisconsin Open Records Law.

4. To be acceptable for payment, audit work must meet U.S. General Accounting Office Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards, and the audit report must be accepted by MUS. The contractor agrees to perform additional work to make the audit report corrections at no additional cost for any reports containing an error or substandard work directly attributable to the Contractor's performance.

5. The contractor shall notify MUS Authorized Representative in writing within five (5) working days if any significant findings are uncovered.

5.9. Final Audit Reports

The contractor shall deliver all final audit reports for Fiscal Year 2021, on May 31, 2022, and for subsequent years 2022, 2023, and 2024. We encourage that reports be submitted earlier than the above schedule. However, if the contractor fails to make delivery of the audit reports within the time schedule specified herein, or if the contractor delivers audit reports which do not conform to all the provisions of this RFP, MUS may, by written notice of default to the contractor, terminate the whole or any part of this contract.

5.10 Restrictions against Disclosure

The contractor agrees to keep the information related to all audits in strict confidence. Other than the reports submitted to MUS, the contractor agrees not to publish, reproduce or otherwise divulge such information in whole or in part, in any manner or form or authorize or permit others to do so, taking such reasonable measures as are necessary to restrict access to the information, while in its possession, to those employees on his staff and the contractor's or Administrative Entities' staff who must have the information on a "need-to-know" basis, and it agrees to immediately notify, in writing MUS Authorized Representative in the event he/she determines or has reason to suspect a breach of this requirement.

5.11 Extraneous Activities

It is understood that the contractor's personnel will not be required to engage in any criminal investigative activities and, to the degree that the contractor's personnel are required to give advice, testimony, or engage in any other activity not within the strict purview of rendering, confirming, or justifying an audit report, arrangements shall be made beyond the scope of this RFP to reimburse the contractor for the professional time consumed and other related costs.

5.12 Agreement Modifications

This RFP may be modified in whole or in part by MUS at any time upon not less than ten working days written notice to the contractor. In the event of such modification by MUS, the contractor has ten working days in which to accept or reject the modifications. In the event of rejection of modifications, either party may exercise its rights to terminate the contractor.

5.13 Equal Employment

Contractor shall comply fully with the nondiscrimination and equal opportunity provisions; the Nontraditional Employment for Women Act of 1991; Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended; the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as amended; the Equal Opportunity provisions in Executive Order 11246, as amended by Executive Order 11375 and supplemented by the requirements of 41 C.F.R. Part 60; and with all applicable requirements imposed by or pursuant to regulations or Executive Order implementing those laws, including, but not limited to, 29 C.F.R. Part 33 and 37.  The United States, the State of Wisconsin and WDB have the right to seek judicial enforcement of this requirement.

In the performance of an established Contract, Contractor and its subcontractors shall not deny the Contract’s benefits to any person on the basis of race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, ethnic group, identification, sex, age, mental or physical disability (including HIV and AIDS), medical condition (including cancer), marital status, denial of family care leave, political affiliation or belief, nor will they unlawfully discriminate, harass, or allow harassment against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, ethnic group identification, sex, age, mental or physical disability (including  HIV and AIDS), medical  condition (including  cancer), marital  status, denial of family care leave, political affiliation or belief. Contractor shall insure that the evaluation and treatment of employees and applicants for employment are free from such discrimination and harassment.

5.14 Rights to Inventions Made Under Contract

All small business firms and non-profit organizations (including Institutes of Higher Education) must adhere to the Bayh Dole Act, which requirements are provided at 37 CFR 401.3(a) and at To summarize, these requirements describe the ownership of Intellectual Property rights and the government’s nonexclusive, nontransferable, irrevocable, paid-up license to use any invention conceived or first actually reduced to practice in the performance of work under an established contract using grant funds.

5.15 Debarment and Suspension

Non-federal entities and contractors are subject to the non-procurement debarment and suspension regulations implementing Executive Orders 12549 and 12689, 2 CFR part 180. These regulations restrict awards, subawards, and contracts with certain parties that are debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation in Federal assistance programs or activities.


6.1 Cost

Specific terms and conditions of payment will be negotiated separately by each MUS and will be included in the contract. Terms and prices for future optional years will be negotiated at the time of contract renewal.

6.2 Invoices

MUS payment of the invoices shall not be construed as evidence of the acceptance of the audit reports. Should MUS reject the report, MUS Authorized Representative will notify the contractor in writing of such rejection within 30 days of receipt of the report giving the reason(s) therefore. The right to reject a report shall extend throughout the term of this contract.

Questions or Requests

All questions or requests for additional information must be made in writing to by 5:00pm CST on February 11, 2022. Answers will be posted publicly at Interested parties are encouraged to check the website frequently for updates. Questions received after 5:00 PM CST on February 11, 2021, will not be answered.


• This Request for Proposals (RFP) does not commit Midwest Urban Strategies to award a contract.

• Midwest Urban Strategies may select a firm based on its initial proposal received, without discussion of the proposal. Accordingly, each proposal should be submitted on the most favorable terms, from a price and technical standpoint, that the bidder can submit to Midwest Urban Strategies. Midwest Urban Strategies may, however, have discussions with those firms it deems in its discretion to fall within a competitive range.

• Midwest Urban Strategies reserves the right to request additional information from any applicant, request oral presentations from applicants, or conduct site visits from any applicant before a contract award.

• Midwest Urban Strategies reserves the right to fund portions of a proposal, or to reject any and all proposals in whole or in part. Rejection of a portion of a proposal does not necessarily negate the entire proposal.

• Midwest Urban Strategies may, at its discretion, adjust the level of funding provided to successful bidders under this RFP and/or consider the funding of proposals not initially funded under this RFP at a later date.

• No costs will be paid to cover the expense of preparing a proposal or procuring a contract for services or supplies.

• All data, material, and documentation originated and prepared by the bidder pursuant to the contract shall belong exclusively to Midwest Urban Strategies and be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, Right to Know Law, or other applicable legislation.

• The contract award will not be final until Midwest Urban Strategies and the successful bidder have executed a mutually satisfactory contractual agreement. Midwest Urban Strategies reserves the right to make an award without further discussion of the proposal submitted. No activity may begin prior to final Midwest Urban Strategies approval of the award and execution of a contractual agreement between the successful bidder and Midwest Urban Strategies.

• The submission of the proposal warrants that the costs quoted for services in response to the RFP are not in excess of those that would be charged any other individual for the same services performed by the bidder.

• Applicants are advised that most documents in the possession of Midwest Urban Strategies are considered public records and subject to disclosure. Midwest Urban Strategies reserves the right to issue additional RFPs if and when it is in Midwest Urban Strategies’ best interest to do so and, may elect to negotiate and issue multi-year contracts to successful bidders under this or subsequent RFPs.

• All programs and activities are designated as equal opportunity employers/programs. The proposing Contractor agrees to follow all regulations as stipulated in 29 CFR part 38. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Contact staff to request assistance with access to this RFP.

All programs and activities are designated as equal opportunity employers/programs. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Contact staff to request