Claudia Regalado-Cattouse

COVID-19 Response Project Director
Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership | The Partnership


Claudia is responsible for implementing and overseeing the City of Chicago’s COVID-19 contact tracing effort and companion resource coordination hub. This includes management of 30 community-based organizations contracted to recruit and employ the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Corps of 450 contact tracers and 30 supervising contact tracers, and oversight of the entities contracted to implement and operate the COVID-19 Resource Coordination Hub. A seasoned workforce development professional, Claudia began her tenure with The Partnership as a Business Service Representative, leading the charge for the Chicago launched Schultz Foundation and Aspen Institute 100,000 Opportunity national initiative. Claudia has extensive experience in government, private, and non-profit sectors. Before joining The Partnership, Claudia served in management roles at Instituto Del Progreso Latino, advancing workforce development in Chicago’s LatinX communities. Additionally, Claudia served as the Manager, Admissions, Placement, and Community Outreach specialist, where she maximized participation to boost Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology enrollment. Claudia received her master’s degree in Business Administration specializing in Leadership and Change Management and Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, focusing on Human Resources from Concordia University. In addition to being a superior workforce champion, she is a recipient of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals and former VP- Historian for HACEMOS during her time working at AT&T. In 2020, Claudia was elected as the Illinois State Board Representative for the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals.

Q & A

Who is the person you would most like to meet?

President Barack Obama. He humanized Washington, DC for me- politics, the White House, the Capitol. He demonstrated that we could fight issues in this country with grace and not always with anger, just smile and be unbothered.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Completing my education. I dropped out at the age of 16 years old, and it took me 26 years to complete my educational journey. As a mother of 4 kids, a wife, and full-time employee, I was able to complete my Associates, Bachelors and continue to my Master’s in Business Administration in 2020.

What would you tell your teenage self?

Love yourself to the fullest. There is nothing better than to love yourself regardless of who or who is not in your life.

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