MSP TechHire accelerated IT trainings benefit job seekers

February 10, 2019
MSP TechHire accelerated IT trainings benefit job seekers

Amazon has been making headlines this year as they finalize the location of one of their headquarters. Ultimately, they chose two cities for their next headquarter facilities. One reason they chose two cities is the availability of tech talent and workforce necessary to staff their new locations. Businesses are keenly aware that skilled labor is increasingly hard to find in our current economy and forward-thinking businesses like Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank are developing innovative strategies to solve their talent needs.

In the Tech space, businesses are increasingly making use of alternative solutions to find skilled talent. Companies like U.S. Bank have discovered The Software Guild (TSG) and similar accelerated IT training programs. With locations in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Louisville, TSG uses time-honored training methods to help apprentices become masters of software development. They provide in-person and online training programs.

“Graduates of The Software Guild come to U.S. Bank with the skills needed to do the job and the mindset of growing with the company,” said Jason Teal, Assistant Vice President and Human Resources Manager at U.S. Bank. Not only are companies finding that this is a smart way to find talent, but also that the diversity of the accelerated training graduates is much greater than traditional recruitment sources.

Juan Morales Towns began his career as a Spanish teacher. While that was successful, he wanted to explore other career options. After hearing about The Software Guild – a program supported by America’s Promise and City of Minneapolis funding – from a friend who had completed the TSG program and landed an IT job with a well-known company, Juan applied for the training himself.

Juan was accepted to the training. “Your background and previous experienced don’t matter,” Juan said. “What matters is your desire to learn, discipline, and commitment to reach goals. If you have that, The Software Guild training will take you far.” After graduating, the Employment Network Manager at the Software Guild arranged for Juan to interview for a position at U.S. Bank.

“What matters is your desire to learn, discipline, and commitment to reach goals.” — Juan Morales Towns

After just 12 intense weeks of training with TSG, Juan is now working as an Application Developer at U.S. Bank. Juan appreciates that the company offers many opportunities for him to grow and advance his skills, including a Development Network that offers year-round options for community, personal, and professional development. U.S. Bank also provides employees with access to The Learning Center where they can take self-paced courses to strengthen technical skills.

To learn more about accelerated trainings in IT, please visit MSP TechHire or contact Tammy Dickinson with the City of Minneapolis MSP TechHire Initiative at