MUS Receives Generous Support from JPMC

Investment from JPMorgan Chase will support racial equity, diversity & inclusion programming; leverage federal grant dollars 

MILWAUKEE —The global pandemic has America’s public facing workforce system (local workforce development boards) scrambling to adjust to serve the needs of their communities.

“This generous gift of $250,000 from JPMorgan Chase will enhance our ability to improve job readiness, quality and cultural awareness in a number of specific sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, information technology, hospitality/retail and finance,” said Tracey Carey Midwest Urban Strategies Executive Director.

Midwest Urban Strategies will use this funding to develop a platform for mentorship, collaboration and idea sharing to leverage best practices and incubate innovative ideas around workforce development, specifically around Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) programming.

MUS has created the first of its kind program to tap into decades of experience and ideas from workforce leaders around the country. All 19 participants in what will be known as the Workforce Innovators - will have access to the tools, knowledge and ongoing support needed to continue to grow and excel as workforce development professionals.

The year-long cohort will feature an online platform to bring these professionals together to share ideas and network. Ongoing programing will also provide opportunities to interact directly with executives from some of the nations’ most respected workforce development boards.

The program will include representatives from all 13 MUS partner workforce boards (listed below).

·        Chicago, IL
·        Indianapolis, IN
·        Gary/Valparaiso, IN
·        Wichita, KS
·        Detroit, MI
·        Minneapolis, MN
·        Kansas City, MO
·        St. Louis, MO
·        Canton, OH
·        Cleveland, OH
·        Columbus, OH
·        Pittsburg, PA
·        Milwaukee, WI 

“We’re also excited to be able to leverage these dollars to collaborate with the AmeriCorps VISTA program and bring three additional staff to the team.”

The AmeriCorps VISTA program is a national service program designed to alleviate poverty. President John F. Kennedy originated the idea for VISTA, which was founded as Volunteers in Service to America in 1965. It was incorporated into the AmeriCorps network of programs in 1993.

Partnering with VISTA volunteers is just the first step in MUS’s long term vision to create a Workforce Fellows program that will provide training and pipeline development for workforce practitioners across the country.

“We have a responsibility to intentionally drive economic inclusion for people that have been left behind,” said Charlie Corrigan, Head of Midwest Philanthropy at JPMorgan Chase. “The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated long-standing inequities for Black and Latinx people around the world. This moment is a catalyst to create change and build an economy that creates and sustains opportunity and racial equity for Black and Latinx communities.”

About Midwest Urban Strategies 

Midwest Urban Strategies represents a coordinated effort on behalf of 13 Department of Labor urban workforce development boards to marry traditional workforce development practices with economic development. Through intentional collaboration, leveraging stakeholders and efficient and creative use of resources, our strategy is to retain and grow local talent and generate a greater return on investment for our employer partners and the workforce system. For more information visit us online or follow us on Twitter @midwestworkers or LinkedIn.