MUS vision and mission boosted from dedicated philanthropists

January 23, 2019
MUS vision and mission boosted from dedicated philanthropists

The team at Midwest Urban Strategies recognizes and depends on the support and engagement of local and national funders in the Philanthropic space – which is why one of the earliest hires was Jerry Roberts.

Jerry serves as the director of philanthropic and corporate engagement for MUS. He brings decades of both corporate and business experience in the finance and banking space as well as significant experience working with funders on the philanthropic side of the house.

In addition to his role networking, connecting, and communicating with national funders on workforce issues, Jerry spends a significant portion of his time working with local funders and workforce development boards as he travels around to MUS member organizations.

On a recent visit to Milwaukee to meet with officials from Employ Milwaukee, Jerry also had a chance to connect with the team at Bader Philanthropies.

In terms of local philanthropists that understand workforce development and the vision of MUS, there is none better than Bader. Bader Philanthropies is one of the only funders in the City of Milwaukee actually funding workforce development initiatives.

“They get it,” said Roberts. “Their vision and support going back to the start of MUS and the seed money they provided to help launch the organization illustrates the type of commitment we hope to see from others as we travel to other MUS cities.”

In addition to directly funding workforce development efforts in the City of Milwaukee, Bader also supporters of the Milwaukee Area Funders Alliance.

“Bader is not only a great partner to MUS but through this type of collaborative they are able to draw attention to the broader community value of supporting workforce development efforts.”

In coming posts you’ll be able to learn more about other local philanthropies as well as MUS efforts to collaborate with national funders to leverage our regional footprint. If you’d like to contact Jerry directly or ask him specific about past trips or upcoming travel, you can reach him directly at