Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio Helping Young Adults

July 12, 2018
Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio Helping Young Adults

We’re excited to announce the first in what we’re sure will be a long line of blog posts highlighting the success of Midwest Urban Strategies and our partners.

This week we’re excited to highlight the work of the Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio and the program they oversee focused on addressing the needs of young adults in their community.

The all-to-familiar outcomes of our nation’s opioid crisis hit Franklin County Ohio hard – leaving families, children, and communities reeling for ways to deal with the aftermath.

As local workforce officials assessed the landscape they made an effort to focus on one of the most often overlooked age groups and demographics – those young adults between the ages of 14-24.

For many this age represents a transition from foster care to independence and life on their own. For some impacted by the opioid epidemic this represents a transition from correctional facilities to life outside.

Either way this transition often includes the need to land employment and begin to support a family.

The A.M.P. (Achieve More & Prosper) program, administered by the Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services developed a successful model to provide the wrap around services and support needed to get these folks on their feet and into sustainable employment.

Specific concerns they’ve had success addressing include:

  • Employment and career information and training;
  • High school diploma and GED;
  • Aging out of foster care and need help;
  • Safe and affordable housing;
  • Pregnant and/or parenting support; and
  • Legal support or advice.

With the help of a number of public and private sector organizations, A.M.P. started with a team of professionals that understands this population and has access to the tools they need to succeed. See first-hand by watching one of the following links to video testimonials for those who have benefited from the program.

At Midwest Urban Strategies we welcome the opportunity to share successes and provide you with a template to take these types of program ideas back to your organization. For more information on specifics related to A.M.P. and what’s worked in Ohio you can email us at: