Marie Mackintosh

President & CEO


Marie Mackintosh has served as President and CEO of EmployIndy since the fall of 2022. As a workforce development board and nonprofit intermediary in
Indianapolis, EmployIndy is focused on creating strategic partnerships, connections, and opportunities that enable all Marion County residents to grow and prosper in a career that meets employer demand for talent.

She joined EmployIndy in 2016 and guided the implementation of several pivotal initiatives that collectively work to create economic prosperity across
Indianapolis for all residents and businesses. Whether the New Skills Ready Network Collaborative, Modern Apprenticeship, Talent Bound, Rapid Re-
Employment Response, or the Good Wages Initiative, Mackintosh has led the EmployIndy team to integrate investments and to focus on ensuring that
students and workers are prepared for 21st century jobs through career-connected learning, access to career coaches, and equitable postsecondary
options. Simultaneously, her team engages businesses to ensure they are competitive in a global marketplace by offering opportunities to co-create
talent pipelines, become a choice employer with good jobs, and make connections to a diverse and well-prepared talent pool so that that the Indianapolis economy can grow and thrive.

Mackintosh brings over 20 years of relevant experience to this role, having worked immediately prior to EmployIndy in various leadership roles at the
Indiana Department of Workforce Development, in marketing at a global manufacturer, and in advising and academic affairs at Butler University,
DePauw University, and the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. She holds an MBA from Butler University and a BA from Indiana University, where
she graduated Phi Beta Kappa. She was named one of Indy’s Best and Brightest in 2017 and has served on numerous committees and boards for
organizations that include the U.S. Conference of Mayors Workforce Development Council, Midwest Urban Strategies Consortium, Indy Chamber,
Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Business Equity for Indy, Far Eastside Collective Impact Council, Near Eastside Innovation School Corporation, and

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