Dionne Smith

Director, Neighborhood


Dionne has been instrumental in leading the development of Re-engagement Centers Strategies for the Opportunity Youth population of Marion County. Her leadership helped promote and guide the launch of the Indy Re-Engagement Center, but she also served as the lead technical support for the collaboration of service providers. Since 2018, the YES Indy REC has resulted in over 2,000 Opportunity Youth being served with mentoring services and exposed to workforce training and Labor Market Information (LMI). She has always taken the initiative and shown leadership whenever she is involved in a project or collaboration.

Q & A

What would you tell your teenage self?

You have 24-hrs in every day, what will you do with yours to improve your life? You must live each day to the fullest! Live, love, and learn. Make lasting memories with those you love, for some will be gone too soon. Start and complete your doctorate. Continue to travel. No one can ever take your education or your travels from you. It is okay to fall because you have nowhere else to go but up. Have faith and believe. God has an awesome plan for your life. Walk by faith, not by sight! Phil 4:13

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