Tammy Dickinson

Career Pathways Manager
City of Minneapolis
Community Planning and Economic Development


Tammy Dickinson, Career Pathways Manager with the City of Minneapolis, holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has over 20 years of experience in workforce development. With a focus on evaluation, collaboration, and innovation, she has led several nationally recognized workforce development programs that are changing the way job seekers are trained, and employers become part of the solution. She manages budgets and contracts with providers to deliver education, training, and career services to un- and underemployed Minneapolis residents and the broader metro area.

Q & A

Do you have a mentor and if so, who is it?

My mentor is my supervisor, Norm Champ, from my first professional job after graduating from college. He was the co-founder of an urban conservation and employment training nonprofit organization, and he taught me that listening was always more important than talking. He also stressed the importance of developing and maintaining relationships with a broad spectrum of people and allowing those people to challenge you. He also was commonly heard saying, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Finally, he maintained that the key to a good team/staff is always to hire people more intelligent than you. Norm is retired now, but I still have coffee with him regularly, and I thank him every time for his wisdom and mentorship. I credit him for a large part of my success.

What are you currently reading, or what’s your favorite type of book?

While I love to read and usually have about eight books going at a time, my favorite way to gather knowledge and relax right now is to listen to podcasts. I listen to at least 10 of them regularly, but a few of my favorites are RadioLab, The Bulwark, Heavyweight, More Perfect, and Aspen Ideas to Go.

What is the best stress release?

My way of releasing stress is to be outdoors and exercise. Thankfully, the pandemic didn't make that impossible. I can still kayak, run and bike in the warm weather, and I can still walk and cross country ski in the winter. Since I also love to cook, this exercise option is a good balance, or I think my pants wouldn’t fit.

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